Easy Breezy Day 2019

By Scot Alpert

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Easy Breezy Day 2019

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Artwork Description
This painting was inspired one day sitting on my balcony of my stateroom on a glorious cruise. It is important to remember how awesome life truly is. Follow your bliss, and please take a moment to be grateful for all of life's blessings.


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Original - $5,000.00
acrylic on canvas Painting
Dimensions: 40x30 in

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I am a artist living in Palm Springs Ca. I am completely self taught and have been creating art since I was a young child. I create this art after meditation.While creating I feel like a channel for energy to flow through, and manifest into this art. It almost feels like I have some sort of cosmic camera, and in these moments I am taking pictures from beyond the Veil.
As we live in the great light, we see more and more clearly the purpose of life, and we learn to live more worthily.
Everyone should carry the inner light of source, even when sorrow and misfortune come.
There is no chance happening in this world. Great souls do not complain or rebel against adverse conditions, they convert them into benefits.
They change evil into good. People who have any deep thought, how majestic and calm they are. Where does this calm spirit come from? From inner courage and bigness of vision. Follow your bliss, know that you are worthy beyond discription, and meditate once a day. by releasing your resistance, you can allow yourself to receive everything you ever dreamed of. Your power is now. Now what? Please enjoy my art. Be well. Scot Alpert

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Easy Breezy Day 2019 Easy Breezy Day 2019
By  Scot Alpert
Medium/Type:  acrylic on canvas   Painting
Dimensions: 40x30 in
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Price: $5000 USD

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